Management Consulting
Commercial Advisory
Talent Development
Our Approach
Our Training Sessions
Developing Selling Skills to
  Maximize Top-line Sales
Developing Coaching Skills
  to Maximize Sales Potential
Partnering Key Customer
  to Gain Higher Growth
Negotiates with Business
  Partners to Obtain Win-Win
Translating Shopper Insights
  into Category Initiatives
Building Strong
  Fundamental of the 3rd
  Party Sales
Structuring and Managing
  the Winning Sales Force
Marketing in Big Picture
  for Non-Marketer
Training and Development
  leads to...
  Negotiates with Business Partners to Obtain Win-Win
  • Program Outline and Featuring
    Learn as much as possible about the other party
    To gain a greater understanding of your own negotiation
      strengths and weaknesses
    Creating the ideal BATNA per engagement
    Adopting strategies and selecting tactics
    Assessing the other party’s BATNA
    Aware of verbal signals and observe non-verbal signals
    Proposing a realistic and specific proposal
    Identify and repackage a proposal by valuing your
    Bargain at all stages
    Clinching the deal
    Evaluate and learn from negotiation experiences

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