Vertical Sales | Enhance Selling Techniques; Develop Selling Skills to Maximize Top-line Sales

Bangkok, Thailand
15 April 2012

Mr. Sanphat Leowarin, Managing Director of Bizz Backup Co., Ltd. told us that the company had re-organized its Talent Development programs into 4 brands; Vertical Sales, Super Coach, Sync Growth, and Done Deals.

Both in-house training sessions and public training courses that related to the sales, selling skills, and selling techniques i.e. Developing Selling Skills to Maximize Top-line Sales, Enhance Selling Techniques - Develop Selling Skills and Becoming a Sales Professional, Handling Objections and Closing as a Professional, etc. All topics are under the “Vertical Sales” brand.

The contents of “Vertical Sales” covers required knowledge of selling in order to become a professional sales person i.e. introduction, pre-approach, approach, presentation and demonstration, trial close, probing, overcoming objections, closing, call analysis, and follow-up/after-sales service.

“We emphasis on interaction through group discussion, learning via case studies, and practicing via role-play for uplifting skills and professionalism ensuring to be used in real life after the workshop”, says Sanphat.

Bizz Backup is a business backup service provider serving “Management Consulting | Commercial Advisory | Talent Development”. A team of expert and skilled professionals have breadth and depth of experiences is committed on “Flawless Execution of Solutions”.

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